Great Mindset = Great Leadership

Over the last few years, everywhere I turn I keep hearing of these “mastermind groups”!

I never really thought “I need to master my mind” and maybe I’m just slow on the uptake, but it hit me this past year that I may not be so far off. I firmly believe what we put in our minds, we put out into the world, input=output!

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Master Your Mind sounds so cliché to say, but brilliant. 

Am I the only one that has ever stumbled into his week like a train wreck? Not thinking about what the general purpose is for the upcoming week, let alone for life? Only focusing on or obsessing on problems or issues that hold us back?

Have you ever noticed that what keeps appearing is whatever you are focused on?

Getting a new car is a perfect example. We want a car with a unique color and a model that suits us. Once we get it, we are in love, not only with the car but also with the color. Then we get out on the road and all we see is that same model car and color.

You always find what you are focused on!

Something similar happens at work when I am not in a great headspace. When I feel troubled by work, I keep finding reasons that trouble me.

Example: Last week I had an employee say she wanted to “catch up” with me and if I could schedule some time with her. Of course, my PTSD kicked in and I thought, “if you are going to quit just leave a letter of resignation on my desk”.

That is not what happened at all. We just met up Saturday and I was looking/waiting for some shoe to drop, some reason to continue the ‘story’ in my mind about how hard work has been!

Instead, she just wanted to catch up, just like she said. We had coffee, chatted about everything under the sun and it was lovely. We both walked away feeling connected. 

It’s the same at work: When I am in love with my work, I am excited to meet up with people, catch up and contribute. In these great moments, we can steer the narrative, help people gain a deeper understanding of the culture and the ‘why’s’ that get lost along the journey.

How do we get there?

  1. Find and Remind: What is your purpose and why did you start what you started.
  2. Have your go-to peeps: Who is your ‘spring board’, your coach, or the person that will engage in “Real Talk” with you?
  3. Finding evidence: Choose you, choose what you started (your purpose) or change it and choose that! Choose it every day!