Member Benefits

Enjoy The Following:

  • Ongoing, Updated, Customizable Training Resources
    Continued evolvement is at your fingertips when you are a Beauty Backbone member. We are committed to updating and introducing essential educational resources and improvements to your membership.
  • New Class Guide & Lesson Plan Additions
    New, fun and exciting Class Guides and Lesson Plans will be released annually. These proven Lesson Plans, paced to keep stylists of all different learning styles inspired and on track, function as your map to success.
  • Video Tutorials
    We all have different learning styles—and sometimes it’s just easier to watch a video. We are constantly creating new, high-quality video content that will walk you through the program step-by-step. They’re yours to watch and repeat as needed.
  • Live Monthly Webinars
    With new topics every month, these webinars ensure you have the latest information, tips and tricks accessible to you. You can ask questions in real-time and refer to the recording later.
  • Facebook Community
    Connect daily with other salon owners to share your success, seek and offer advice, or simply find like-minded people who get it. Our team will be on-hand to participate in group discussions and engage in weekly Facebook Live sessions to answer questions and to share helpful information.
  • 3 “1 on 1” Coaching Sessions with the Beauty Backbone Team
    Statistics show that the ‘term’ of an Educational Director lasts approximately two to three years. With the support or our Coaching Team, training your new Educators becomes seamless. Execution is everything. These coaching sessions give you a chance to work with a Beauty Backbone expert to decide how to best implement the materials in your salon—because no two teams are the same.
  • Updated Content
    Constant evolution is the mark of strong education. You’ll receive immediate updates and new resources to add to your program.

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