About Beauty Backbone


Becoming a business owner has taught me many valuable lessons and as I approach 26+years of practice in the beauty industry, I have found an easier and consistent way to operate my salon and lead my team. Through countless lessons and years of salon ownership, Ive been able to figure out the systems that create a thriving business. That’s why Beauty Backbone was born. I have condensed that information into this on-line education space and community. Allowing you to learn to create sustainability for your business and stay competitive in our ever-changing market.

Being skilled at creating beautiful hair results is not enough, not enough for a successful thriving career in the beauty industry. Owning a business requires courage, tenacity and a very strong “why”. It can be a very fulfilling journey when you have the correct tools!

If you’re a salon leader (owner, manager, educator, etc) you know exactly what happens: life gets in the way. More specifically, the one million hats you wear and the pointless distractions of the everyday, get in the way. You are often pulled from your real why. Leaving you exhausted and frustrated. Believe me I get it!

Leading a team can be strenuous and can wear you down when you are not seeing the progress you desire. It can make you feel like you are on an endless hamster wheel. Working really, really hard and pouring in ridiculous amounts of hrs into your business. All to feel like progress in not really being made. I have felt that too in the pursuit of salon leadership. And I have also felt the fulfillment when my salon team is operating with ease, alignment and flow. I have created space again to be the visionary and captain of my ship and honor my why!

It is my mission to share all that I have learned, and we currently practice in my business today, with other leaders like you. Who desires continuous growth for your salon team and for yourself. I’m honored to help you get back to your WHY and honor the dream you envisioned when you leaped into salon ownership/leadership.

Meet Karla