About Beauty Backbone

LEARN the SYSTEMS that ensure

We’re a community of business owners now—but we didn’t start that way. We started as hairdressers with a passion for our craft. And when we became business owners, it was with the intention of keeping that passion at the center of everything we did.

If you’re a salon owner, you know what happens: life gets in the way. Or more specifically, the one hundred million and one hats you wear every day get in the way.

That’s why we created Beauty Backbone. Over 25 years of salon ownership, we’ve been able to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the systems that create your culture.

And now, we’ve condensed that information into a platform that allows you to consistently communicate that culture to your team, your guests and yourself. That gives you the freedom to get back to the reason you started: because you love it.

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