Success Stories

Hear it from top salon owners…

I jumped at the chance to bring this program into our salons.”

“We have been using the TrainU education program for a year now. When I first heard about the program, I knew it was what we had been missing in our in salon training program. The templates and structure provided is exactly what we needed to polish our program. The format gives both educator and students a clear picture of what will be included, and the goals of the program. The TrainU program gives educators confidence in the materials they are teaching and keeps them on track. It also provides a clear path to train new educators, so over time the quality of our program and the information stays consistent.”

– Charlene Stratton Owner, AYA Salon & Spa

“A Great Boost For Salons”

“BB’s programs are a great boost for salons at any stage of growth. Their real salon experience is full of valuable insights and easy to implement programs!”

– Karie Bennett Founder & Master Artist | Atelier Salons of the South Bay

Luca Boccia

“We Love It”

“Education is the key to our growth. Using the Train U classes and templates ensures that any team member can teach the lesson plans and that the plans are being taught in the exact same way each time by each educator. We love it.”

– Luca Boccia Owner, Pyure Aveda Salons

“It's a Life Line For Success”

“7-Steps for Salon Profit is a life line for real world salon success.”

– Ginger Boyle Owner & Master Stylist, Planet Salon

Lupe Voss

“The Missing Link

“Train U is the missing link to all Salon Education Programs. We have had a working education program for 25 years and we have had our struggles. With Train U we have had consistency and a clear path by giving aspiring educators a roadmap on ‘how to teach.”

– Lupe Voss Founder Color Space Ed Program, Founder Of Hair Color Magic Ed Program

#1 sought after New Talent Academy.”

“The Beauty Backbone education system has completely turned our “good” education program into the #1 sought after New Talent Academy in our area, we even have a waiting list.”

– Stacey Coronado Owner, 20 Volume Salons

“Our educational content is now easily organized.”

“When you have an award-winning Employee Education System, what’s the next step? You look for the very best platform to contain and organize your content. We found that by aligning with Beauty Backbone. Our educational content is now easily organized through lesson plans, class guides and visual aides.”

– Terrence McKee Owner, Nuovo Salon Group

We now have a guideline of what to teach.”

“TrainU has provided a road map for us to follow and systemise our education. We now have a guideline of what to teach, for how long, and how to evaluate our rising stars. Brilliantly done!”

– Maggie DiFalco Chief Motivator, Maggie the Salon

“Helped me organize myself.”

“Finding the Beauty Backbone 7 Steps program has helped me organize myself, refine my practices and give me a community to be held accountable.”

– Darcey Taylor Owner, Salon Enso

“Grow to the next level.”

“Beauty Backbone has always been a great support system. Always making time to answer all of our questions. I highly recommend this program to every salon that is ready to grow to the next level.”

– Khanh Nguyen Owner, Karen Allen Salon Spa