Train U Education System

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Train U Education System

Education is the cornerstone to sustainable growth. Through education you can bring innovation, creativity and fun. Resulting in strengthening your salon’s culture.

Being a masterful stylist does not equal being a masterful teacher.

These are two very different sets of objectives and each has its own set of complexities. TrainU is the “train the trainer” course, a one of a kind course, developing you into an engaging and effective educator! In-salon education is truly a domino effect, continually growing your team’s tool box, results in the growth of your business and higher retention of your team as a whole. Having an in-salon education program is a must, it is how your stylists master technical skills, and how they absorb the systems and practices that make your salon exceptional.

As I move toward 3 decades of salon experience, I have learned what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to creating a successful in-salon education program. Train U was developed initially for our own salon’s needs, as we too had all the struggles of equipping our educator team with the best tools to have impactful education with our newest team members. It wasn’t until we started sharing our success with the program that we heard so much interest from our salon community, so we decided to share our success with you and guide you in successfully giving your educators the necessary tools to know HOW to teach and HOW to develop and manage their curriculum. This has been the missing link in our industry!

Train U removes the need for guesswork, offering everything you need to create a consistent, inspiring training program that eliminates the hamster wheel of making it up as you go, being unorganized, not knowing what to teach, in what order to teach, how to create a clear direction for your team, both as an educator and as a student. And perhaps the biggest of all puzzle pieces, how to have consistency from one stylist to the next!

Education requires a significant investment of time and resources. Train U ensures that investment is directed to the right place: your educator team, which in turn develops your newest team members, and by extension, your salon profitability

One-on-one coaching sessions are available separately here.

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  • Tools to become an engaging educator
  • Systems to keep Students Engaged
  • Choosing the Appropriate Techniques
  • Introduce New Education Concepts
  • Ease of teaching
  • How to teach diagramming
  • Visual aids & handouts
  • Organization skills
  • Communication methods
  • Education management
  • Engaging course
  • Clear education roadmap
  • Teach with the learner style in mind
  • Desired Curriculum Creation
  • How to create lesson plans
  • The Answers finder
  • Teaching a captivating class
  • Adapting information for different learning styles


  • Education Culture
  • Student binder
  • How to Diagram each technique they learn
  • Visual Aids & Handouts
  • Beyond Fundamentals
  • Engaging course
  • Clear timeline to completion
  • Self-accountability
  • Learning through a captivating class


  • Income Boosting Through Education
  • Taking Education to the Next Level
  • Market growth
  • Become attractive for new hires
  • Education management
  • Communication
  • Self-driven
  • Shorten timeline to complete course
  • Compensation knowledge
  • Job description guide
  • Motivating your stylists to progress efficiently
  • Providing consistent education (regardless of instructor)
  • On-boarding new educators at your own pace
  • Customizable Student Binder


Angelica - Train U participant

I’m very excited to use the lesson plans!”

– Angelica

Stephanie - Train U participant

“It was a really smooth process.”

– Stephanie

Sarah - Train U participant

Easier to digest format for the students.”

– Sarah