How 2020 is Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2021

Salon Today - March 18, 2021

“Have you been putting any thought into what the post-pandemic business landscape will look like? Let’s take a look at how consumer behavior has been...”

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Badass Ladies Club

Keri Davis-Duffy - March 10, 2021

“If you want to learn how a Badass Lady transforms life’s curve balls into vision and inspiration then you won’t want to miss our conversation with Ker...”

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Gilbert Chamber Honors Winners of Business Awards

AZ Big Media - June 21, 2018

“Gilbert Chamber of Commerce announced today the recipients of the 2018 Annual Business Awards and recognized Chamber leaders at a luncheon....”

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2018 Salons of the Year: 20 Volume Salon

Salon Today - April 25, 2018

“Our target market is millennial and gen X clients, so I wanted to design an innovative space that was 100% paperless....”

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Hairbrained Conversations

Hb podcast: Episode 38 Keri Davis, Founder of Beauty Backbone - September 23, 2018

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Your Culture Dictates Your Operations

Beyond the Technique Podcast - June 21, 2018

“earn from two amazing salon owners and CEOs about how to create an amazing culture that fits perfectly with......”

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The Backbone of Your Beauty Business Has Arrived!

Beyond the Technique Podcast - May 24, 2018

“The five pillars of a successful salon business are education, culture, operations, leadership and finances. Today, the founders......”

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How to compensate your in-salon educator

How to Compensate Your In-Salon Educator

Salon Today - March 7, 2018

“we have some of the most popular ways to pay an educator...”

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Beauty Backbone is Business Education for Owners by Owner

Beauty Backbone is Business Education for Owners by Owners

Salon Today - February 28, 2018

“The goal of the TrainU educational component is to take any hairdresser and turn them into a dynamic educator...”

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The skinny on staff meetings with the results from the first beauty pulse survey

The Skinny on Staff Meetings with the Results from the First Beauty Pulse Survey

Salon Today - July 25, 2017

“read below for specific ideas from salon owners on running effective and engaging staff meeting...”

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Solving struggles in retailing, retention, and more

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: 5 Articles on Solving Struggles in Retailing, Retention, Legislation and More

Salon Today - June 16, 2017

“Strengthen in-salon education. In-house salon education programs create talented stylists that improve...”

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Education Turnover: Breaking the Cycle

Educator Turnover: Breaking The Cycle

Salon Today - June 2, 2017

“running in-salon classes, training trainers and keeping content consistent is another full-time job...”

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10 Big Ideas for Salon Success from Serious Business 2017

10 Big Ideas For Salon Success From Serious Business 2017

Aveda Means Business - March 9, 2017

“Educators are now consistent across the board, delivering the curriculum in an efficient, effective manner...”

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5 Articles on Amping Up Growth During Off-Seasons

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: 5 Articles on Amping Up Growth During Off-Seasons

Salon Today - June 10, 2016

“Gila Rut retains its staff with benefits, flexibility and perks that can’t be found as an independent contractor...”

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Keri Davis-Duffy Shares Tips for Salon Sucess

Keri Davis-duffy Shares Tips For Salon Success

American Salon - January 2, 2016

“for the past 11 years she has been developing and teaching courses for Aveda Business College...”

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Personal Compass

Personal Compass: Keri Davis-Duffy

Salon Today - November 4, 2015

“Davis-Duffy, who is considered by many in the industry as an expert in creating an amazing salon culture...”

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Passion Squared

PassionSquared Q&A with Keri Davis, Gila Rut Salons

American Salon - June 9, 2015

“When I see something that I am passionate about, I see beauty, in all things...”

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Great culture stylists never want to leave

The Key To Retaining Stylists? A Great Culture They Never Want To Leave

Aveda Means Business - June 3, 2015

“There are a lot of people out there who just want to go to a job, do their thing and not answer to a bigger cause. That’s not a fit for us...”

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Create a Culture

Create A Culture, Before Your Team Does It For You

Aveda Means Business - November 20, 2014

“If you don’t make a conscious decision to set the culture for your business, it will be created for you...”

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Culture Project

The Culture Project

Salon Today - February 13, 2013

“By 2004, the salon had established a reputation a progressive salon with an intense focus on education and more than 10,000 happy guests...”

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Stitcher Article

Keri Davis-Duffy, Gila Rut Salons (Podcast)

American Salon Stories

“Beauty Backbone - a new endeavor focused on helping other owners to succeed, in part, by ‘aligning beauty and business.’...”

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