Beauty Backbone Coaches

Stacey Coronado

Stacey Coronado, owner of 20 Volume Salon and Spa in Arizona, sat in her office surrounded by boxes of paper travelers and receipts, knowing there had to be a better way. From this idea, came the bold concept of becoming a Paper-less salon. Growing frustrated with having the time to write down product recommendations or formulas was the backbone of the paper-less movement. Taking the responsibility off of the front desk for rebooking, add on services, recommendations, etc, and putting in on the stylist helped to encourage them to not only grow their ticket and retail sales, but also be responsible for their own books. Papers are not only wasteful to the environment, it’s also wasteful for the salon. Through every stylist having an assigned iPad, she created the ultimate paper-less machine.

After transitioning her flagship salon to paper-less, Stacey opened a second location that was both paper-less and front desk-less. She wanted to get rid of the disconnection that the front desk creates with the customer. Having a desk-less salon provides that immediate customer interaction versus walking to a desk to check in. Desks can provide the illusion of a barrier and Stacey wanted the salon to be open and airy. With the success of the second location, the concept was adapted by the other two locations. Going desk-less has been the ultimate business asset. It can provide a better relationship with the guests and also can increase your RPCT by $10-$12. Investing in Stacey’s classes will unveil her business plan success on how to take a salon to paperless and then to desk-less. She will showcase the raw and honest order of how to utilize the same process in your business. Get ready to ditch the desk and reconnect with guest!