Jonatan Rizo started his career
as an apprentice at the age of 17.
During his time as an apprentice, he understood the value of quality education and how much it impacted the careers of hairdressers.

Once Jonatan completed his apprenticeship, he sought to find the best salon to further his career. Through the span of 10 years behind the chair and multiple salons, a deeper passion and dedication for education was found.

His career transitioned to a beauty school instructor. This new experience and environment was the excitement and knowledge he always wanted for his career.

As a training instructor, he grew to love creating systems and the importance of how to teach and connect with students.

During his time as an instructor, Jonatan was trained in technical and teaching methods by many amazing educators such as Mike Helm, Clinton Norris, Angus Mitchell and Julian Perlingiero to name a few.

Searching for new opportunities to create his own path, Jonatan joined the Gila Rut Aveda Salon team in 2013. This was a humbling experience. Starting from scratch, Jonatan became an assistant again after 14 years in the hair industry. Within a four-year span, he became a master stylist and lead educational director of Gila Rut Aveda Salons.

With this new position, Jonatan took the knowledge and teaching experience from his rich career and created a new education program for Gila Rut. It was here that he learned the value of strong, consistent systems and the knowledge to develop educators.

Jonatan joined Keri Davis and Karla Lopez-Martinez to create Beauty Backbone and the Beauty Backbone Education System where the focus is to transform stylists into amazing educators.