Employee Annual Review


Ever wonder how to conduct a proper review? Contemplate no more! Let us help you boost your stylist morale and iron out any kinks with our Employee Annual Review. Lead your team and involve them in the process for an enjoyable moment to connect.



Do you dread reviewing your team? Does it feel uninspiring? Reignite that candle, get on the same page and take your relationship with your team to the next level. Let our Employee Annual Review guide you in mentoring your staff. Using this self-assessment method, you will find it a pleasure to recognize positive behaviors, with easily talking about room for improvement, and enjoy each other’s company in the process. Let this be a time to connect, educate and celebrate, not dread. Who knows, you might make it a bi-annual practice. We know you’re the overachiever type!

Purchase Includes:

  • Downloadable template
  • Best practice walk-through/guide
  • Check-off worksheet
  • How-to guide for owner/manager