Consultation System


A client doesn’t know a good haircut from a great haircut. What they do know is good service from great service. Now, that’s a fact! Consultations make or break a client’s experience, hence retention! Help your stylists close the communication gap and discover the true needs of your customers. One of the biggest missing pieces in any service is a thorough consultation. In fact 78% of customers surveyed said they wanted a recommendation while 25% of customers stated that actually received one! Our Consultation System is a step-by-step journey on the art of discovering needs. Proven to ‘nail it’ each and every time, while delivering five-star service.



The most important and often overlooked part of the salon experience is the consultation. Have you ever paid close attention to what makes a consultation successful or not? In case you haven’t, we have. It’s about delivering specific questions, in a specific order, in a consistent way each and every time. Our Consultation System will give you just that: a method to follow and ask the right questions. Now it is up to you to develop that muscle and build the consistency with your team. Once you have it nailed, you’ll never look back. Not only will you produce the results to wow your client but you will grow your paycheck through add-on services and retail sales. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Purchase Includes:

  • Downloadable template
  • Best practice walk-through/guide
  • Script
  • How-to guide for owner/manager