Top Of The Book System


Top stylists deserve top booking! By using our Top of the Book System you’ll be able to quickly find out who is actively invested in building their books. By using a formula based on points, this system easily helps determine who the front runners are. Reward the people who are truly partnering with you!



Everyone wants to have a full book. Is everyone actively working toward building that book? The bigger question is what are they willing to do to fill their schedule? Now you can reward those that do the work by implementing our Top of the Book System. Make it a game and have fun with it. Our simple formula can help you determine who gets the points and who gets the rewards. The winner gets to move their schedule to the top of the book and these hard workers receive the preference of call-ins or walk-ins, making it a huge reward. This system ensures the ‘go-get-em’ stylist gets rewarded and speeds up everyone’s dream of a full book.

Purchase Includes:

  • Downloadable template
  • Best practices
  • Implementation guide
  • How-to guide for owner/manager